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Published: Monday 23 November 2020

Wedding Anniversary Flowers

In uncertain times, taking a risk on how you celebrate your wedding anniversary may not be worth it. Whether you normally like to take a weekend escape, a big trip or even a night out, plans can be flown into disarray at the blink of the eye. Instead of relying on an uncertain situation to celebrate your love, go with something that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your partners face: flowers. With many options available, from organising a bouquet of their favourite flowers, picking a bouquet based on your wedding colour scheme or even the exact flowers you used on your special day or just wanting to celebrate with something beautiful and vibrant, flowers are always a good call. Having them sent to their place of work as a beautiful surprise or having them waiting for them at home, no matter where you plan to get your flower delivery in Brisbane sent to, it is sure to make it an anniversary worth remembering. Speaking of remembering, in a chaotic world, often there are times that we may forget important dates. Which is why if you are located in Brisbane, there is no need to stress, we have you covered. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and realising that you have forgotten a special date, which is why we offer same day flower delivery in Brisbane. Do not rely try and make up for forgetting by getting supermarket flowers on your rush home from work- Flowers by Jane always has gorgeous bouquets on offer, so you do not have to settle for something less than stellar for your special person. Anniversaries are always worth celebrating, especially through some stressful times, so instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, have your bases covered by organising a beautiful flower delivery from Flowers by Jane for your significant other.


Your Flower and Chocolate Specialist


There is no denying it, we all like to be thought of fondly. That means there is a high chance that if somebody were to buy you flowers or chocolate, or perhaps even both, then you will surely feel the love. As flowers and chocolates have become a universal and traditional sign of love, whether you are professing your love to somebody, giving them a gift on an anniversary or just non-romantically wanting to express how much you love and care for somebody, flower delivery in Brisbane is the way to go. They say it is better to give than receive, so if you think receiving flowers and chocolates would warm your heart, then imagine how it will feel knowing that somebody you care about is on the end of a flower delivery in Brisbane. At Flowers by Jane, not only do we have beautiful bouquets that will capture the essence of your love and care, we also have packages that include so much more. Our homemade chocolates that can be delivered separately or added onto any deliveries are that extra special touch to really show somebody just how you care about them. Whether you want them delivered in a heart shaped box for that somebody extra special, or just a regular box, these decadent and scrumptious treats truly are a symbol of your love. Our chocolates come in a range of sizes and styles, from a small eight-piece box to a large thirty-two-piece box. Depending on the tastes of your beloved, they do come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or mixed varieties. If you want to keep it simple, then you cannot go wrong with a box of Roses, which is why we have that on offer as well. Just like our same-day flower delivery in Brisbane, our chocolates can be delivered same day too. They are made locally in Brisbane, so you know that when they reach their intended recipient, they will be in perfect condition and ready for consumption. We are also able to deliver them Australia wide within five days, so nobody has to miss out on these incredible treats. Nothing says I love you or I care about you quite in the same way that flowers and chocolate does, so take advantage of this excellent combination as a gift for somebody you love.


Add a Little Special Gift

We all know that flowers and chocolate are a match made in heaven, but if you are looking to add just that little more pizazz your flower delivery in Brisbane or across Australia, then Flowers by Jane has a range of extras available to really bring your gifts up another level. Why not add to the romance by adding a bottle of wine to your bouquet of flowers and box of handmade chocolates? With Australian wine being one of the premium drops worldwide, we offer our customers either a bottle of red, white or sparkling as an addition for our gifts. If you really want to indulge, we even have bottles of Moet on offer. Not sending a romantic gift or just wanting to add something that little bit cuter? Then we also have different coloured teddy bears available to add to any orders. Whether you are sending flowers for new parents or know that your loved one is fond of soft toys, teddy bears always go over a treat! Celebrating a birthday or want to make a bigger statement? Then check out our range of balloons we have on offer. Messages like “I Love You”, “Get Well Soon”, “Happy Birthday” or “It’s a Girl/Boy” on balloons are always a popular option, so add to the festivities with a balloon as an additional gift to go with your gift of flowers. Another little addition we have on offer is glassware, so your loved one can show off their new flowers in style. With a beautiful and simple plain vase, or a fish-bowl vase, your loved one will not have to go on a hunt if they are surprised by your gift of flowers. With any flower delivery in Brisbane or Australia wide, these little special additions are available so put together a gift to remember for your loved one.


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